11300 Paige Bayou Road
Vancleave, Mississippi

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We are reminded of the words of Jesus in John 15 - "I am the vine, you are the branches. When you're joined with me and I with you, the harvest is sure to be abundant."

Muscadines are Mississippi's Grapes...

The family of my husband, Dr. Jack Hoover, is from Kansas where wheat is grown on expanses of our great American prairie land.

Appreciation for the abundance of food grown from that land became his father's career as an agronomist. That career moved their family to Mississippi State in the 1940's.

When we came to Jackson County in 1969, a search for some land was part of our settling down. The rolling sections on the western side of the Pascagoula River with a spring fed creek were bought from the Davis family.

The dense growth of hardwood and pines was cleared from the creek bottom and a small dam constructed with state certification. Family visits in Starkville led to ann encouraging professor of enology in the department of agronomy telling my husband that a vineyard of indigenous muscadine grapes was the perfect use for the land. So, Jack did it.

He made use of the Extension Service to help him lay out the vineyard, erect the geneva curtain style trellises, select the varieties of hybrid muscadines and joined others in this new alternative crop being planted across Mississippi.

Boggy Creek Vineyard is 30 years old. It continues to produce large, sweet fruit that we enjoy.

Others from up and down the road come to the vineyard at the end of August to pick-your-own harvest.They are welcome to eat as they pick. Families come to see how grapes grow. Our family is happy to host this early fall event. Growing GRAPES is a good identity for us.

Please come, enjoy the fruits of the farmer's labor. Tell us about your muscadine vines and muscadine recipes. Bring your children and grand children out to the vineyard.

We have Soft Drinks, water, muscadine juice and T-shirts.

May your lives be blessed with abundant harvests.. - Peggy Hoover